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House for rent, Olympia area

I've got a house for rent, ready now for new tenants.

2 story
3 bedrooms
2 1/2 bathrooms
kitchen + dining room
washer and dryer hook up
full enclosed 2 car garage
fenced, medium sized back yard
gas heat
has stove, refrigerator
brand new carpet, new interior paint
1606 sq ft
Cats ok, amphibians ok, small mammals ok, reptiles ok, birds and dogs negotiable (must talk to me about them)
NO smoking indoors, outside smoking OK as long as you have an ashtray or other proper recepticle.

Close to Olympia Little theater, schools, and downtown olympia. Not far from San Francisco st. Bakery!

Asking $1200/month. $300 non refundable security deposit. $150 per pet deposit. Please check with Windermere in Olympia as the house is being rented through them.

I'm the owner, this place is NICE. I would have continued living there, except I moved in next to my elderly mother to help her out. It's definitely worth the cost.

Link to more info:

Around 12:30-1pm today, I was driving for work, getting ready to take a left on cooper point road, when someone chucked a little orange kitten from their driver's side window. It hit the street pretty hard, dodged a bunch of cars, and ran into the ivy in front of the texaco on cooper point and black lake blvd.

I don't know what the car looked like or what the plate number was, all I could do was watch in horror as a kitten no more than 4 weeks old bounced off the pavement and dodged cars.

I turned around to go look for it, but when I got there, me and two other people at the texaco searched for it and could not find it.

If anyone saw what happened, or who has seen the kitten, PLEASE get the kitten to the shelter or to a veterinarian and call the police!!! Any information would be great.

If you haven't seen the kitten, PLEASE keep an eye out for a small orange kitten around a month old, which may or may not have injuries. Feel free to call me at 360-556-2933 with any information. THANKS!
Sheer. Snarky. Genius.

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Two questions:

One's trivial, one's (kinda) personal. I'll answer them too.

1) (the trivial) Will you be in town for Lakefair, and if so will you be going?
My Answer: Yes, and yes. Look for the fat chick with the skull-and-cross-crutches hi-tops, sarcastic T-shirt, long black skirt or black jeans depending on which day we run into each other, long black hair, Mjolnir pendant, and (Media-Loan-orignating) camera.

2) (the semipersonal) What's your religion, if you have one?
My Answer: Vaguely pagan, wobbling between Asatru (but having a bit of trouble with 'honor your family' because right now my immediate relations are being flaming nongs) and Orthodox Kemeticism (but their presentation of the Egyptian pantheon as many facets of one force kind of gets my Egyptnerd hackles up a bit). Wants there to be First Contact in my lifetime so much it might as well be a religion (yes I am a geekigoth).


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1: How do you usually dress?
2: How would you prefer, money and body-shape not being an object, to dress?
3: Why?
4: Do you identify with a particular social subculture (goth, hippie, emo, rocker, punk), and if so, why do you feel drawn to that subculture?
5: Have you ever drawn prejudice or scorn for the way you dress?
6: Did it affect your choice of clothing, and if so, how much?
7: Would you be willing to have your answers used, with your LiveJournal username or another chosen handle as the only identification, in a class-project presentation?


Alright, that's IT.

Are you: A practicing Satanist, a would-be Satanist, or someone who can appear to be a Satanist very easily?
Do you: own a sewing machine or some bias tape and an iron, a couple of broomsticks and some black electrical tape, red fabric paint, or a bullhorn, or want to get rid of the irritating Bible-Beaters currently infesting Red Square?
Can you: Hold your own in the face of rants, memorize lines and/or quickly improvise them, and/or (this really a necessity) spare several hours of your time on Thursday and Friday afternoons?

If so, come by my dorm (E-208B) on Thursday afternoon at around 3. I'm planning to fight back against the invasion of the God Squad the best way I know how... with a Satanic sermon. We'll plan and prepare (including putting together the banner) on Thursday, then hit Red Square on Friday after lunch.

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So much for Convergence.

I blew my job interview, I haven't been able to pick up my internship paperwork because a cold kicked my ass, and so even when I have some money... too little, too late. Damn. I really wanted to go.


This year's Convergence is in Portland. Who else is going? I may (depending on a) if I get this job and b) if they'll let me go for Memorial Day Weekend) be able to make it... which fills my dark little heart with glee.


It's the weekend, and we all know there's nothing to do in Oly. Would anyone with a car (goldfish42, I'm looking at you in particular, but any of us who are car-enabled would be good) care to drive a gaggle of goths (or a goth, depends on who wants to go) to Dementia tomorrow night? I can provide tunes and/or gas money...

The only gothic road-trip game:

Dead Things
Created by Andrew Oakley.